2022 Coach Roadeo


GMOA will hold a coach roadeo December 14.  All activities and events will be held at the American Coach Line of Atlanta located at 705 Lively Avenue, Norcross. It has been several years since we had a coach roadeo, and we hope your schedule will permit your attendance this year. Even if you cannot register drivers to participate in the Roadeo, please plan to attend. It is a great networking opportunity and we could use your help to judge the driving skills or assist with other roadeo “duties” to assure a successful experience for all the participating drivers.

This competition provides an opportunity for drivers to demonstrate their ability. The driver competition is designed to test the driver’s knowledge of defensive driving, regulations, and basic coach driving skills. Three drivers will win a cash prize of $300, $200, and $100 based on highest total score from the written test and the driving skills test. Morning refreshments and lunch will be provided to all who attend. There is a registration fee of $50 for each member company. Invite a nonmember operator in your area; registration for nonmember operators is $75. If they join GMOA, $25 will go toward their membership fee. Keep in mind that we base our guarantee for food items on the number of those who register. If your plans change, be sure to let us know.

There will be an opportunity for drivers to review their written tests with the test proctors during the driving skills contest, either while the driver is waiting to drive or after the driver has driven the skills course

Below is a flyer for you to display in a prominent place where your drivers may see it or duplicate it and place in your drivers’ mailboxes or other distribution method. Encourage your drivers to participate. The Special Projects Committee agreed that the criteria for selection of drivers would be at the discretion of the individual operators; however, it is generally understood that this should be a reward to drivers who have demonstrated good driving habits and who have a good safety record throughout the year prior to the Roadeo. At this time, there is no limit to the number of drivers who may participate from your company.


All Operator Members and Coach Sales, Service, and Product Members

Also below is a brief description of the driving course skills to be judged. Please ask your drivers to read this very carefully and practice. Coaches used in the driving skills course will be provided by operator companies. Drivers will be selected by lottery and assigned to the coaches randomly. In addition to the driving skills course, drivers are expected to take a written general knowledge test and a pre/post trip inspection test. Drivers will also be judged on customer service and appearance. An on-board judge will score the drivers in these two areas. Drivers will be given an orientation session for instructions about the written tests and the driving skills test. Drivers may board the coaches prior to the driving skills test to become familiar with the coaches. A test drive is permissible if desired. The enclosed information contains the schedule of events.

Below is a registration form to register your drivers for competition and others who will attend to enjoy the coach roadeo. Please list all who will attend from your company.

During the time that drivers are participating in the written tests, operators will have the opportunity to participate in general round table discussion of industry topics.

It is an enjoyable, worthwhile event providing a great opportunity for you to network with fellow GMOA members. If you have questions, feel free contact us or the GMOA office (866-376-7770 or info@gamotorcoachoperators.org).   

            Clarence:         404-681-1600 or clarencecox@georgiacoachlines.net

            Alan:               678-618-6036 or alan@randwmotorcoach.com


Note: Coach sales, service, and product members will receive this memo, schedule, and a registration form. If other information is desired, contact the GMOA office.

It is important that you register to attend by December 3.


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