Federal Charter Bus Requirements –

Getting Notice of Trips from Public Transit Systems

GMOA Operator Members: Stop complaining about public transit systems “taking away your charter business,” and learn how to receive notice of charter service trips being considered by local public transit systems!

These are trips on which your company can bid when local transit systems have been requested to provide them. The transit system(s) will contact you when they get these requests!

BUT – to get notice from public transit systems about these business opportunities, you must register with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to learn about the trips’ availability. If you don’t register, you won’t get notified about this terrific business opportunity!!!!

Everything you need to know about this “Charter Bus Rule” (required under federal law) is found at the website below. Everything is right there, including links to further information in detail, including a” quick link” to an ombudsman to get your questions answered:



Operators and Customers Alert – Reporting Unsafe Operations

While you are onboard a motorcoach or if you see other coaches’ driving behavior which is unsafe, you should call these numbers and advise of these conditions.

911 – When you see unsafe conditions needing immediate attention, call the universal emergency number to get immediate action to correct the condition.

678.284.5130 – Clinton Seymour, Georgia Division Administrator, FMCSA

678.284.5156 – Clay Greene, Federal Programs Specialist Georgia Division, FMCSA

404.327.7400 – Darrell L. Ruban, Field Administrator, FMCSA